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December 17, 2017

What is it going to take to outrage folks about selling dead baby parts?

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What’s it going to take to outrage Planned Parenthood supporters?

When does it go too far? Selling mutilated baby parts for research is OK. How about selling them for nutritional supplements?

Planned Parenthood video grab
Clip from YouTube, The Center for Medical Progress

There is no denying what’s in the videos.

Representatives from Planned Parenthood have been caught negotiating prices for “fetal tissue” – also known as the livers, limbs and brains of babies harvested from abortions.

One video shows a physician methodically poking through the mutilated remains of a 12-week old baby boy, pulling out tiny organs that can be sold to medical researchers.

How do we know it’s a boy?

After salvaging the stomach, heart and kidney, the physician finds a tiny penis in a lab dish and exclaims, “Another boy!”

A tiny boy.

With a little heart that was stopped just hours ago.

Mangled in a lab dish.

Being sold piece by piece.

This is not mere “tissue.”

Tissue doesn’t have a gender.

Yet Planned Parenthood and its supporters are steadfastly denying they’ve done anything wrong. They are merely helping scientists by collecting “medical waste” they can use for research – research that may someday help cure disease! Their patients have donated this tissue from their “procedures,” and we as a society might as well put it to good use.

Based on this analogy, Planned Parenthood’s tissue is no different from an excised cancerous thyroid gland.

Except for the fact that doctors don’t poke through diseased thyroid glands looking for little hearts and tiny spinal cords they can sell.

So what will it take for Planned Parenthood and its supporters to feel some sense of outrage?

When does it go too far?

When parts of aborted babies are used for scientific research?

When money is made selling parts of aborted babies?

When parts of aborted babies are sold as “curiosities” for collectors’ shelves?

When people begin eating parts of aborted babies because they have nutritional value?

It’s just tissue, right?

We can do this stuff to tissue.

But not to human beings.

“Another boy,” she exclaimed as she poked around dead baby parts in a lab dish.

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1 Comment on What is it going to take to outrage folks about selling dead baby parts?

  1. Congratulations on your popular success with the blog. I have been following your posts for a couple of years now and find you to be a level headed person that is trying to do the right thing. refreshing.

    I am glad to see you are outraged at the sale of human body parts for profit. What I mised from the post though was the outrage at the taking of innocent human life.

    here are my thoughts on the matter:

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